Kolo Solo

The Story
Co-working and open plan spaces are not always perfect. For example, people on phone calls get distracted and they distract others. Kolo Solo solves the problem! Use Kolo Solo for a private phone call, focused work, or just to get away from the office chatter. With a 35db acoustic rating, you can be assured of privacy and the interior can be personalised with dimmable lighting and ventilation.




Outer W 100 x D 100 x H 225cm
Inner W 86 x D 96 x H 211cm
Acoustic Solution Acoustic foam and glass door frame
Simple assembly and mobility
Modular design

  • LED light with motion sensor
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Ventilated Space
  • Quiet fans
  • Selection of power and IT modules
  • Keep power and IT cables organised and easily accessible
  • Customisable Space with stools, sofas, chairs or sit-stand desks.


Finish options

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