Sit Stand Desk Collection

Kin Adjustable Desk

A craftsmanship inspired interpretation in our sit-stand desk collection.

The wood trim on the side panels intends to add an element of warmth to the all-metal structure. Like other sit-stand desks in the collection, Kin is equipped with our reliable electronic height-adjustable feature. This allows easy transition between sit and stand work styles. Kin is the sweet-spot option between design and function.

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Hop Sit Stand Desk

The humble beginning to our well-received collection of sit-stand desks.

To promote a healthy workstyle, Hop offers a customisable height adjustment feature. This allows the user to switch between sit and stand working positions with the touch of a button. Its minimal design makes Hop a welcoming addition to any modern workspace.

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Mount Duo Desk

A 2 in 1 workstation that offers shake-free stability with minimal base footprint.

The two platforms operate independently; each height can be electrically adjusted on the touch of a button. With Mount, we aim to bridge the communication between colleagues and promote collaborative practice at workspace.

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