Kinnet Standing Desk

More than just work, connect with Kinnet.

The bigger sibling to our iconic Kin sit-stand desk.
Kinnet is more a group table than an individual desk.
It is a platform where we can mingle and connect with people.

Our one-touch electronic height-adjustable mechanism delivers a buttery smooth transition between sitting and standing positions.

Its symmetrical balanced design celebrates our distinctive K structure, making Kinnet a conversation-starting statement piece for any setting.


Kinnet is supported on steel tubes that are cold drawn 3 times by high-precision, fully automated laser-cutting machines.

This non-contact, controlled production process creates minimal to almost-zero production tolerance.


Kinnet has a telescopic base that can be easily adjusted to any desired width between 1075 – 1695 mm.


The dual motor system provides precise synchronised adjustments for fast, smooth, and quiet operation.


The anti-collision mechanism is triggered by a built-in sensor that automatically stops and retracts few centimetres when obstacles are detected during adjustment.

Finishing Options



One of our core principles is delivering quality and being transparent about it. We
make sure that our certifications are well earned with our persistence in product quality and manufacturing.


  • Kinnet

  • Frame Width (mm)

    W 1075 - 1695

  • Frame Depth (mm)

    D 575

  • Base Depth (mm)

    D 900

  • Desk Frame Height (mm)

    H 720 - 1210

  • Travel Speed (mm/sec)


  • Motor Noise (dB)

    < 50

  • Function Load (kg)

    80 (recommended)

  • Levelling adjustments (mm)

    H 50

  • Power Consumption (W)

    400 (operating) / 0.1 (static)

  • Input Voltage (VAC)


  • Output Voltage (VDC)


  • Output Current (A)


  • Product FAQ

  • Care

    ·Never spray flammable liquids or aerosol products on or near the motor due to risk of fire.
    ·Please keep close supervision when the desk is used by, or near children.
    ·DO NOT sit or stand on product due to risk of personal injury.
    ·DO NOT open any electric components due to risk of electric shock.
    ·Make sure that your desk path is cleared of obstacles.
    ·DO NOT place objects taller than 600mm underneath the tabletop due to risk of structural damage of desk and physical injuries of users.
    ·Please keep the desk dry. It is intended for indoor use.

  • Warranty

    ·Any warranty or liability claims for damages or injuries caused by improper use of the desk will NOT be accepted.
    ·For sit-stand desks, Koplus warrants to the original purchaser a 5-year warranty on the structure and a 2-year warranty on the motor controller, switch, electronics, and all other mechanical parts.
    ·Koplus warranty is limited to replacement or repair and does not cover cost of transportation and labour. There are no other warranties expressed or implied other than those specifically described.

  • Troubleshoot

    ·Please refer to the instruction manual via this link

  • Operation

    ·Please refer to the instruction manual via this link

  • Tabletops Dimension

    Please contact local dealer or representative for more detail.

  • Accessories

    Electrical and tabletop accessories are available as add-ons. Please contact local dealer or representative for availability.

  • Control Unit

    ·Minimum height, maximum height, and display unit can be modified upon request.
    ·Please contact local dealer or representative for additional control panel options.


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